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Posted by Mathew Sylvia on 4. May 2016

The KISS GUI is a Chrome Application and it was designed like the rest of the KISS Flight Controller…to be super simple. This allows the pilot to be spending less time configuring and more time flying!

*How to install Chrome application: Please view instructions at the bottom of this guide.*

The Welcome screen:

Here you will find a very useful pin-out for the entire flight controller. Note that you cannot advance past this screen until you plug in a flight controller and select it’s proper COM port (top left drop down/ button).

Configuration Screen:

The configuration of the flight controller will be done here. Yes…there is only one tab for modifying changes (K.I.S.S!). Nearly each of these separate sections below have their own Knowledge Base article, so feel free to use the search function to find information on what you are trying to modify. New to v1.08 is a backup and restore option. Backing up your settings with save them to a text file with a name you specify, anywhere on your computer. With the restore option, you may import this backup file back into the GUI. This is a great option for keeping that perfect tune nice and safe!

Data Output Tab:

This is a great view for looking at what type of data your flight controller receives from the outside world. Tell tail signs of issues with your controller are visible in this window such as jittery PWM inputs, Incorrect Gyro max values (under the graph) and sporadic Gyro inputs (potentially visible in the graph). Lastly, you will also find an accelerometer calibration button.

Rates Tab:

Another new feature of v1.08, with the rates tab you can visualize what different rate settings will do to the fly-ability and orientation of the multi-rotor. Setting the rates here has the same effect as if you set them on the configuration screen. Note that a warning message will display if you hit the max rotation rate of 2000deg./sec.

GUI enhancements provided by Alex aka FedorComander.

**How to install Chrome application:

Installing a Chrome App from a folder:

  • *Please uninstall any previous GUI first!
  • If it is zipped, extract the contents somewhere
  • In Chrome, open chrome://extensions/
  • Click + “Developer mode”
  • Click Load unpacked extension…
  • Navigate to the extension’s folder and click OK

Brief How To on how to test the gyro in GUI v1.08:

Twirl your plugged in flight controller and you should see that ideally the max values should be around 2000. If it’s much lower than that, you might have a bad gyro.

Updated on 21. November 2017