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The Kisekae Set System General Specifications is a technical
document detailing the format for KiSS CNF, CEL, and KCF files.


FKiSS Specifications
The most recent KiSS viewing programs now support the FKiSS
animation and sound extensions. This document details the FKiSS
extension format based on discussions with Yav, the originator of


FKiSS 2 Specifications
FKiSS 2 is a new, even-more-experimental-than-before extension to
standard, experimental FKiSS. FKiSS adds variable translucency,
if-statements, and new types of movements. For more details about
FKiSS 2 and FKiSS 3, see Chad Randall’s FKiSS and FKiSS 2


Eventi e Comandi per lo Standard FKiSS/FKiSS2 Part 1 and Part 2
Translated to Italian by KD2 Graph, based on documentation by Chad Randall.

Eventi e Comandi per lo Standard FKiSS/FKiSS2 (Part 1)

Eventi e Comandi per lo Standard FKiSS/FKiSS2 (Part 2)

DisposiciĆ³n del fichero KiSS .cnf, referencia de comandos FKiSS/FKiSS2
Translated to Spanish by Dominatrix, based on documentation by Chad Randall.

DisposiciĆ³n del fichero KiSS .cnf, referencia de comandos FKiSS/FKiSS2

DOS and Windows
NeoSoft created
NeoPaint, the DOS paint program Dov uses the most. Now they have a
Windows version! Dov heartily recommends this paint program. (The
other ones are good too but Dov hasn’t used them as much and so
cannot say much about them yet.) NeoPaint doesn’t have as many of
the fancier effects of other paint programs but it does support
GIF, PCX, and BMP in a variety of palette modes including 16
color, 256 color, grayscale, and TrueColor. This is a shareware
paint program; you can download it and use it for free but it
will stop working after the trial period is over. Still, the
price is actually pretty cheap for a quality paint program and
well worth the price.

For Windows


D-Pixed is a very popular Freeware paint program in Japan and is
frequently used to create KiSS dolls there. It has support for
some very useful add-in tools (currently only in Japanese but you
can probably figure them out with a little experimentation).

Update (10/3/2009): The japanese site is no longer available, however an English language version of
D-Pixed is available at Flat2D (http://www.flat2d.fr/dpixed_en.aspx),
a site dedicated to drawing programs.

For Windows

7-Zip is an easy-to-use, open-source archival program that can handle virtually all of the popular archive types
including LZH and LHA, which are used in KiSS programs.

For Windows

LHA v2.55e

KiSS dolls are always distributed in LZH-compressed files. This
simple DOS command-line utility will allow you to compress and
decompress LZH archival files. Please note that, if you use Direct KiSS,
you don’t need this program since Direct KiSS can create the LZH archive
for you.

How To Use
LHA is a DOS-based, command-line utility. If you’re using Win95
and have no idea how to use an DOS-based utility like this one,
you’re probably going to be a little lost. This short document
might help point you in the right direction.

LHA v2.55e
65,704 bytes

GIF to CEL for Windows
This is a simple Windows-based utility to help you convert GIF
images to CELs and back again. It supports drag-and-drop and you
can convert multiple images at once so it’s handy for working with
batch conversions. It can also make KCF palette files.

For Windows
22,169 bytes

Dov’s DOS KiSS Utilities
This collection of simple DOS KiSS utilities includes…

  • A GIF-to-CEL Converter
  • A CEL-to-GIF Converter
  • A CEL Offset Minimizer
  • A CEL Offset Incrementer
  • A KCF Merger

141,201 bytes

Mian’s PCX to CEL Converter
This is a very good KiSS-making utility which allows you to
convert PCX format graphics images into KiSS CEL bitmap files. It
also can create 12-bit KCF palette files and can convert CEL files
back into PCX files. Both 16-color and 256-color versions are

240,930 bytes

Klavdij Voncina’s KiSS Cel Workshop v2.0

A great Windows 95 utility for creating KiSS CEL and KCF files
from BMP or GIF images. It includes color-remapping and even batch
conversion functions. Now available in self-installing format!

Note: The KiSS Cel Workshop v2.0 includes the KiSS CNF Editor v1.2 built-in.

Warning: KiSS Cel Workshop will
not work in Windows XP or Windows Vista unless you set the Compatibility Mode to “Windows 98/ME”
(look in the Windows help about “Compatibility Mode” for instructions).

KiSS Cel Workshop v2.0
Self-Installing Version
For Windows 95
968,574 bytes

Klavdij Voncina’s KiSS CNF Editor v1.11

A good companion to the Cel Workshop, Klavdij Voncina’s CNF Editor
allows you to easily edit KiSS CNF files and includes CEL viewing
abilities. This version includes experimental support for CKiSS
and a new interface.

Warning: KiSS CNF Editor v1.11 is
not compatible with Windows XP or Vista.

Note: The KiSS Cel Workshop v2.0 includes the KiSS CNF Editor v1.2 built-in which does work in Windows XP and Windows Vista (in Compatibility Mode).

KiSS CNF Editor v1.11
For Windows 95
280,467 bytes

Hyuu’s WSVC ver0.11a
A great Windows tool for creating multiple CEL and KCF KiSS files
from BMP or MAG images. It includes a tutorial,
WKSMAKE.TXT on how to make CEL and KCF files with
this utility. Note: This tutorial only explains making CEL and
KCF files. It does not explain making the essential CNF files. Be
sure to get the Walk-through or

WSVC ver0.11a
For Windows
153,187 bytes

Hyuu’s WCEL Ver1.08e
This KiSS Cell Viewer/Saver allows viewing of 16/256 color CELS,
conversion of BMP files to CEL format, and margin setting.

WCEL Ver1.08e
For Windows
42,950 bytes


MacLHA v2.22
KiSS dolls are always distributed in LZH-compressed files. This
Macintosh utility will allow you to compress and
decompress LZH archival files. (French KiSS can do this on-the-fly for
KiSS dolls but you may need it if you want to make new KiSS dolls or
work with LZH files in general).

MacLHA v2.22
For Macintosh
139,904 bytes

MacLHA v2.13
Here’s an older version of MacLHA, in case you have trouble with the newer one.

MacLHA v2.13
For Macintosh
47,374 bytes

John Stiles’ Cel Maker
Macintosh users can create KiSS dolls using the Cel Maker utility
available written by John Stiles.
You may still find the Walk-through or
KiSS/GS useful.

Cel Maker
For Macintosh
39,458 bytes

LemkeSoft Graphics Converter
If you use a Power Mac, you can pick up Graphics Converter from
LemkeSoft which supports the creation of CEL and KCF files. This
is a very useful piece of shareware at a very low price. It works
very well in conjunction with Photoshop or by itself.

Graphics Converter
For Power Mac
Get It Here