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This mod allows you to kiss your spouse.
Simple kiss (two scenes).
No adult content, no strapons, nothing.
Completely lore-friendly.

Because everything is calculated on the fly, you will never get the same scene twice, every kiss is unique.


Note: The mod is incompatible with the latest UFO. You can download optional patch from nexus (called “Kiss Active Followers”):

Technical simplicity makes this mod compatible with almost everything (including custom races, race skeletons and followers) and provides NO extra requirements.

This mod is completely FNIS/SKSE free. All you need is Skyrim 1.9
So far, works fine with almost any body-type. Fully compatible with HDT physics extensions. Should work with all the NPC races.

How to gain the ability?

Activate the Lover Stone to receive the ability (no need to accept the sign, you can just press Cancel)

Can’t find the Stone? Or maybe it doesn’t work in your case?
Use the console workaround to get the perk:

Open the console and type:
help LoversComfortRagdoll
*You will see the ID*
player.addperk ID

if you you don’t have the option, then you missed something.
Follow the tutorial by TheMartianfromMars

You can’t kiss active followers, so make sure to release the follower first.

Doublecheck that you done everything according to the description or tutorial.

Kiss anyone

You can’t kiss any person by default. If you want to kiss anyone except your spouse:
– Open the console
– Click on the character you want to kiss
– Type: SetRelationshipRank player 4

How to use?

To make characters undress – unequip everything from your right hand
To keep characters dressed up – equip something to your right hand
If any item is equipped in the left hand – spines will be connected too for better balance

Aproach your spouse (you need to stay very close to the spouse, closer than you usually talk) and activate him / her. Then use the “Kiss” option.
Player can’t kiss characters that are sitting or using furniture

Deviation tracking: The mod is monitoring the kissing scene, it will try to prolong the good scenes and terminate the bad ones (based on the characters position and angle)

Can I remove the fadeout?

Yes. Type in the console:
Player.SetAV WaitingForPlayer 99

Type to restore a default mode:
Player.SetAV WaitingForPlayer 0

The purpose of fadeout is to hide non-immersive technical events and preparations

Can I control the camera?

No, but you can use the vanilla free camera mode to make closer shots of the second scene, type TFC in the console right after the first fadeout screen. If you try to use TFC during the first scene, the time will reset and unfortunately both characters will fall


After each kiss you will recieve a Kiss Effect: carring capacity bonus + faster stamina regeneration. The bonus will be removed in the first fight after the kiss. There is no time limit, the bonus will be active as long as you avoid any battles (sneaking will do the job if you ask).


Yes, this mod is not perfect and never will be. Please, expect that 10% of the scenes will look broken.

To enhance your experience with this plugin, make sure you have healthy overall script latency or/and stable savegame size. Script lags or extreme ENB settings can interfere with the quality of the scenes (delays will cause incorrect timing). Several problems gone instantly during beta-test when user simply removed few scripted mods.

See too many glitches?
Make a screenshot
After each kiss the following details will appear in the Papyrus logs, this information can be useful for debugging purposes

[12/13/2014 – 01:30:28PM] ———————————————————-
[12/13/2014 – 01:30:28PM] [This is NOT an error, Ignore] Immersive Lovers Comfort: Done kissing, Details below:
[12/13/2014 – 01:30:28PM] kissOffsetY = 9.629392
[12/13/2014 – 01:30:28PM] kissOffsetZ = 0.231410
[12/13/2014 – 01:30:28PM] backHandOffset = -4.013403
[12/13/2014 – 01:30:28PM] backHandOption = 1
[12/13/2014 – 01:30:28PM] ———————————————————-

Send me screenshot + information from the Papyrus log, a short description of the glitch.

Known issues

Enhanced Blood Textures can sometimes cause bleeding after the kiss

If you unable to talk with the person after the kiss, first, wait few seconds. If the problem is not going away, try the following workaround:
– type in console “PushActorAway IDthatYouSeeByClickingOnNPCfromTheConsole 0”
– The actor should fall
– Activate and kiss the spouse second time, while he/she is lying on the floor
– After that, the spouse will talk again

this doesn’t work for me it did once but not now

Posted by: tpowell549, 5 Jun, 2015 @ 3:37am

Last post: Tobor8thMan, 3 Jan, 2019 @ 6:01am



After a makout sesh with Ysolda, how do I redress her? It’s not very immersive having my naked wife walk around the house with her tits out in front of my kids. Who do not react. ːsteamsaltyː

Posted by: Paul Bunyom, 25 Aug, 2015 @ 5:46pm

Last post: jdunigan, 17 May, 2022 @ 3:30pm



It doesn’t work, what do you mean by clicking int, you mean with E, Or Mouse click?

Posted by: Masky, 7 Jan, 2016 @ 7:30pm