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So I was thinking today, why don’t we have a list of design resources that we can link to on the side of the page like other subreddits do?

So as a subreddit, we can get together list of any resources for designers or beginning designers, like font repositories, tutorials, textures, ect…

What do you all think?

EDIT (11-18 8PM): I was going to add Hollowgram’s list of tutorials, design theory links, and resources, but it put the post over the character limit so I’ll just have to link to it. UPVOTE THE MAN OKAY?!

This list is by no means the only resources listed in this thread, check the comments for more, there’s a lot of good discussion going on even an hour after I first made the post.

If you are needing something that is not addressed in this list or in the comments, feel free to comment with your needs and I am sure someone out there can find what you need!

Thanks to: ohhoe, fred_monster, designermidwest, Lo_Rez, michaellonger, switchmotiv, dizzytwister, ant_monologue, captainhiltz, ennuied, and krisu, mtx, BabiSealClubber, BrainShutDown, timothyjc, and julian88888888, and everyone else who has contributed to the list and in the comments!

Backup of list is located at: https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=12bx1n7Mb79WGtiOaBb5NApySntF-dG_iyGls8meTMto&pli=1 Thanks to nzeeshan!



See Hollowgram’s links at the bottom for 150 Photoshop tutorials.


See Hollowgram’s links at the bottom.

Stock Photos:



hollowgram’s comments for Photoshop tutorials, Design Theory links, and Resources. His lists are amazing and are too long to stick into this post.

ohhoe’s comment has a lot of good tutorials and fonts. definitely a must read!

mtx’s comment has a lot of good resources for components for websites, as well as technical resources and technical photoshop tutorials!