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My rating is based on the Virtual cam for versions of OBS before the latest: It works and it works well. the only feature I would add is an auto-start feature. This does what it says on the box and allowed me to run it for two major things which included a green screen scene for discord and a program called Mario Maker 2 OCR.

That being said, I am currently in need of a willing and generous developer to update this addon or at least give a valid alternative that will work. Let me explain.

As much as the current developer keeps saying the built in virtual camera will work (and I have kept fiddling with settings really trying to make it work) as well as alternatives on the forums, none of them work for the thing I need it for: Mario Maker 2 OCR. This program looks at a screen (the virtual camera output) and made a nice HTML page to show what level I was playing, as well as how many deaths I had, and how long I was playing… automatically. It was great and neat. I don’t know what is with the built in virtual camera but this output crashes Mario Maker 2 OCR.

I have been looking over the forums and so far none of the suggestions I have been able to make work INCLUDING this developer’s recommendation of Exeldro’s filter plugin (In fact I cannot make that plugin work at all which is upsetting as a recommendation to switch to it.)

And I would say the one programming Mario Maker 2 OCR should make a solution that works, but I think he has abandoned the internet and is not updating anything. So this leaves me in a bind. I am being forced to use an old and ever further outdated version of OBS which will slowly step-by-step lose support and addons.

Please for the love of god can someone that knows what they are doing update this addon for us to use who need it.