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untung99play.xyz: How to setup your 2D project for retro 8bit games

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If you want a pixel-perfect and snappy display that will work for a variety of use-case, I recommend:

  • Use a reference resolution that will never be bigger than a player’s window resolution (such as 320×180).
  • Enable or Disable Upscale Render Texture
    • Enable it if you will use rotations outside of 90, 180, and 270 and if you prefer the visual effect it has on rotated sprites.
    • Upscaled render texture can result in a non-pixel-perfect image at some resolutions, depending on your reference resolution. Experiment with this and different screen resolutions using ‘Run in Edit Mode’ enabled on the Pixel. Perfect Camera component to determine whether this is an issue for your resolution. If you can get this to produce a pixel-perfect image at all target resolutions, this will result in the best full-screen pixel-perfect experience.
  • Enable or Disable Pixel Snapping as you prefer
    • This is more personal preference than anything. Without snapping, you have much smoother movement, but pixels can be out of alignment.
  • Enable Crop Frame X and/or Y if not using Upscale Render Texture
    • If you can’t consistently get a pixel-perfect result with upscale render texture, cropping X and/or Y will ensure a pixel-perfect image for any resolution greater than the reference resolution, but creates big margins at the edges of the screen for some resolutions.
  • Disable Stretch Fill

We recommend setting the camera to be optimized for 16:9 aspect ratio viewing, including reference resolution if possible. At the time of writing, most gamers play on 16:9 monitors, and in 1920×1080 resolution. For example, 320×180 reference resolution is 16:9, and so it will have no black bar margins when played at 1920×1080 or any resolution which is an even multiple of 320×180, such as 1280×720.

In Unity’s toolbar, you can go under Edit > Project Settings > Player and limit the aspect ratios that the game will support. If you find a particular configuration works just as you want in the ratio you’re targeting but looks bad in some particular aspect ratios, you can prevent the window from being at those ratios here. However, keep in mind that not all users will have a display setup that will work well with your limitations, so this is not recommended. Instead, enable cropping so these users will have margins, rather than having to play in a resolution which doesn’t fit their screen.