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Introduction: How to Program Using MSW Logo


This instructable will teach you how to use MSW Logo.

MSW Logo is an educational programming language.

Once you understand the commands the things you can make are endless.

The things you need are:

A computer (Pentium 2 Processor and up)
Windows NT/2K/XP/95/98/ME/VISTA
The will to learn new things
An open mind
MSW Logo 65

Here’s the link to download it from:

MSW Logo Setup Kit

Once downloaded and installed click Help then Demo this will give you some examples of what MSW Logo can do.

Step 1: Step 1 Moving the Turtle

The thing that draws everything is know as the turtle.

Let’s start with something simple.

In the commander window type in the box:

Forward 50

Then click execute or press enter on you keyboard, do this after anything you type in the commander window.

This draws a straight line up 50.

That was easy but lets make it shorter and faster, type:

FD 50

This does the same thing as Forward 50 but is shorter to type

Now that we know how to draw a straight line lets draw it to the right instead of up, type:

RT 90 FD 50

This rotates the turtle 90 degrees to the right and makes the turtle go forward 50.

When things get too messy on the screen, type :

clearscreen or CS (abbreviated )

This will clear the screen and erase everything drawn this also returns the turtle to the up position.

If you want to rotate the turtle left, type:

LT 90

Next to draw backwards, type:

Back or BK 50

The turtle moves back 50.

When there are too many words recorded in the commander window, type :

Cleartext or CT

Now you should now the most basic commands.

Step 2: Step 2 Making a Procedure for MSW Logo to Follow

A procedure is the steps the turtle will take to draw or make something.

You can run a procedure by typing in the commander window it’s name.

Let’s make a procedure that draws a square on the screen.

Click File then edit in the main window then type in the name of the new procedure.

Type: Square

Then press enter or OK.

Click after the word Square and press enter.

How do you make a square easy , type:

FD 50 RT 90 four times

Then click File save and exit.

In the commander window type the procedure Square then execute and the turtle draws a 50 x 50 x 50 x 50 square.

Now click Edall in the commander window and go to the procedure square and delete the FD 50 and RT 90’s.

Let’s make the procedure again but lets make it shorter to type now type:

Repeat 4 FD 50 RT 90

Please put square brackets around FD 50 RT 90.

The repeat will repeat the commands in the brackets four times.

Now click File save and exit now go the commander window and type square again and press enter.

It draws a square on the screen.

Now that you know how to make a square it should be easy to make other shapes.

If you want to make a triangle , type instead of Repeat 4 FD 50 RT 90

Repeat 4 FD 50 RT 120

Please add square brackets around FD 50 RT 90.

I can’t put square brackets because it will make a link to nowhere.

Step 3: Step 3 Setxy Coordinates

The MSW Logo main screen is like an invisible grid.

You can move the turtle to different places by typing coordinates.

The x-coordinate moves the turtle left and right.

The y-coordinate moves the turtle up and down.

In the commander window type:

Setxy 100 100

Then press enter.

The turtle moves to the x-coordinate 100 and the y-coordinate 100.

Once there it can do another procedure like square.

Step 4: Step 4 Penup and Pendown

The turtle in MSW Logo is a like a pen.

In the commander window type :

Penup or PU (abbreviated)

Then press enter.

The turtle is now up.

Now type FD 50

This will move the turtle forward 50 but won’t draw anything because the pen is up.

To put the pen down type :

Pendown or PD (abbreviated)

The pen is now down and will now draw.

Step 5: Step 5 Making a Window

MSW Logo can make a window that has buttons that you can click to run procedures.

Let’s start by making a new procedure.

Click File then Edit

Name this new procedure Box.

Press enter after the word box

Now type:

windowcreate “main “mywindow “Autodraw 0 0 50 50 [ ]

Autodraw is the display name of the box and mywindow is the name MSW Logo uses for other things.

The 0 0 are the setxy coordinates of the box.

The 50 50 is the size of the box.

Now click File save and exit.

Now type in the commander window :


Then press enter.

A simple window is created at the top left of the screen.

Now click edall and press enter after (windowcreate “main “mywindow “Autodraw 0 0 50 50 [ ] )

Now lets make some buttons you can click on to do things.

First click the Reset button in the commander window to delete the box.


buttoncreate “mywindow “mybutton “Square 10 20 30 10 square

Please put brackets around square.

Mywindow is the name of the window the button is going to be in.

Mybutton is the name used for other things.

Square is the display name of the button.

The 10 20 is the setxy coordinates.

The 30 10 is the size of the button.

The brackets around the square tells MSW Logo to run the procedure square
when the button is clicked on.

Now in the commander type :


Then press enter.

A window is made again but this time we have a button.

Now lastly we need to make a button that closes the window instead of having to press reset.

Go back to the procedure box then press enter after the buttoncreate line.


buttoncreate “mywindow “mybutton2 “Close 10 10 25 10 windowdelete “mywindow

Please put square brackets around windowdelete “mywindow.

The windowdelete deletes a window but first you type “mywindow to tell it which one to delete.

Now go to the commander window and type the procedure box once more and press enter.

Now we have a window with a button that draw a square and a button that closes the window.

Congratulations you now know how to do many things in MSW Logo and should be able to make almost anything now.

Like I said before I can’t put square brackets because a link to nowhere is made.

Step 6: Enjoy My Box I Made.

I have been using MSW Logo for over a year now.

Well before I wrote this instructable I had already created my own box that has many things in it.

Here’s a link to download it from:

This is my new file:

Awesome Box v3.0

This is my old file:

Awesome Box

Click Save File not the open with button then click OK.

I am using Mozilla Firefox 3 so Mozilla users should know what I am talking about.

To use it first download it and go to MSW Logo and click file load then click Awesome Box.

Then in the commander window type box and then press enter.