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Nibble kiss and Ice kiss, Lizzy Kiss and Single Lip kiss, American Kiss and whatnot! French Kissing with the two tongues remains passionately at the top of the most popular styles in western culture. The intimate tongue−fluid exchange sets off romantic ideas and fancy.

Get the lips exfoliated and keep them deeply moisturized for a dramatic feel. If the partner is interested in swishing tongues, so be it. Let the tongues tangle and tell sweet tales. Slide your tongue over or under the partner’s tongue and lower lip. If responding positively, increase the pressure. Join the tongue tips together. The tongue should constantly remain in a state of gentle motion. Read this tutorial to find out more about the style of French kissing.

Step 1

Use the chapstick and ensure a smooth and odorless mouth, preferably amidst perfumed dresses. Avoid dryness around the mouth and lip areas with lip balm an hour before the kissing session. Drinking ample water hydrates the lips well.

Step 2

An open mouth commences the French Kiss, and a sweet breath is crucial without hangovers and bad breath. Brushing teeth and rinsing the well with water is compulsory if in doubt. Chewing gum is a good strategy too. Be careful not to eat foods like garlic and coffee that might taste bitter.

Step 3

According to preferences, growing closeness leads to an initial kiss. Don’t hurry it up. Develop intimacy, maybe with little gifts and sincere compliments about dresses, bags, or shoes. Do you think the moment has arrived? Are you going to suggest kissing or let it happen naturally? Private romantic situations may lead to kissing, but it is a sensitive coming together. Is the setting just right?

If kissing has already happened, the tongue style may be entirely possible now−eyes and body language, gestures and touching, food and drink all matter. Proceed with kissing if you are sure of a positive response. If in doubt, talk it over and avoid possibly tricky moments.

Step 4

Did you know that eyes and faces speak? Yes, they do! Avoid staring but gaze with feeling at the face, lips, and eyes, as if desiring them. That should communicate the intention strongly enough−something like role play, like bridging the gap that divides people. Being frisky does help in getting very close. Smiles should inhabit every face. A lazy smile gets the message home since Kissing is a time to diminish tensions. An alluring smile means so much. Express your happiness in little ways, like with exotic drinks.

Step 5

Touching precedes kissing but not always! Handshakes, handholding, and hugs have become relatively common in official and personal life nowadays, even with kids. Find ways to express feelings and promote close bonding. Sitting on the lap can be very close indeed. Out amidst nature at the riverside, legs touching in water is cool.

Step 6

The French Kiss could be the first instance of physical contact with the neck or arms as you reach over to join the lips without opposition. As a prelude to Kissing, touch the person’s back or shoulders. If you can feel the positive vibes already, let the move continue. Make your intentions clear. If approved, avoid further fuss but go straight to the head−tilted position to find the right kissing angle. Be careful not to bang heads or faces while searching for the best part.

Step 7

As heads tilt, choose the opposite direction the partner has chosen. Without the tilting, it will be heads banging and noses and faces colliding. Don’t worry. A little adjustment process happens by itself as both find the right strategy. All that is needed are the four lips and two tongues to synchronize, but the starting problems are expected!

Step 8

Like an open mind, let the mouth and lips be receptive. Keep a little muscle tension around the lips in anticipation. The mouth opens a little bit only. The best Kissing happens with closed eyes! You focus and enjoy the kissing act more. Hold on to the moment’s mood and avoid peeping at the passionate partner while you do it. Open the eyes after the kissing bout is complete, at least in the first round.

When one partner has decided to halt, the act concludes for then. Now is the moment to decipher the deeper meanings of this newfound closeness through the tongues.

Step 9

Be very careful if it is your first experience. With practice, refine the French kissing experience. After conventional Kissing, launch the tongue but share the intention to avoid a mix−up. Start with a slight pressure of lips with slow movements. The tongue kissing will find a faster pace soon. An open mouth invites greater participation.

Locking lips will help, and a positive response indicates greater things to come. If the response is weak, continue conventional kissing and enjoy the moment.

Step 10

The tongue explores briefly or gently above or below the partner’s tongue with a sliding motion. If the other tongue is responding, why not start a circular motion? Play little games with attack and defense, alternating the moves. Nerves on the tongue communicate lovely sensations. Don’t increase the pace or the pressure but wait for the response. Breathe briefly and get into a rhythm that could last long with breaks.

Step 11

Getting deeper into tongue kissing with a few initial hiccups, aim for variety in kissing. Speed and depth could vary. It could be seconds or minutes, shallow or hard. Put the hands on the partner’s hips and back in a tight embrace. Shoulders and sides are good caressing regions too. Hold the face, cheeks, and neck too.


The best French kissing moves are mutual, with ample give and take. What works for couple A may not work for couple B. Explore the possibilities and reach a consensus. Read the signals well and respond appropriately. Sighing and moaning have positive meanings, and you can intensify the effort. Practice will bring better results and infinite gratification with French Kissing. Communicate, complement each other and find the best results.