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In my opinion logo design domain is the most spread after that website design. Logo designs are very important for a company because they represent the business image. Logos must reflect very well what company does, services that provides and the image the business they want to represent… The entire company brief should be reflected in one single image named logo. A lot of people that have a company or a business don’t know about the logo importance and they say that it’s a waste of money. But lately more and more people understood the meaning of a logo and many of them started hiring designers to make the perfect logo for their company or business.

If you know how to design a logo you should also be able to create interesting icons. Let’s get started with this collection where you also can able to learn a tip or two about logo and icon designs.

If your logo design style it’s simple, creative, meaningful then you can create simple, professional icons too. If your style is complicated logo designs (3D, different effects etc) then you can create and vectorize interesting, complicated and very high quality icons as well.

For those, who don’t know what is Adobe Illustrator? And what it can do? Then follow the link below for detail introduction.

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If you are a website designer (or in any other domain) and you are not that good in Adobe Illustrator to design logos/icons, don’t worry! It’s not hard as soon as you get to know how this program works and understand very well what logo means but this is only achievable by practice. Also it’s very important to learn and extend your knowledge because as much as you know as better it is. If you want to learn how to design logos or icons in Adobe Illustrator or you just want to improve your skills in this domain, here you have a collection of 53 Logos and Icons Tutorials in Adobe Illustrator that can help your inspiration.

Let’s take a look at the following Logos and Icons tutorials in Adobe Illustrator.

01. Reflections Done Right – Creating a Money Roll Icon

Cash-in when you follow this tutorial for creating accurate and logical reflections. I’ll cover how to use shading and masking to create an illustration that’s worth the look.

02. 3D Logo

This tutorial will show you how to make a 3D gradient logo in minutes by using the Warp and 3D effects. It is great for making 3D graphics and icons.

03. How to Create a Recycling, Paper Bag Icon

In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to create an eco-friendly paper icon with simple shapes and gradients. This tutorial is great for beginners to get started with icon design, as this is a fairly simple icon to create. Let’s dive in!

04. How to Make a Vector Military Cap Icon

This tutorial will show the intermediate-to-advanced Adobe Illustrator artist how to make a realistic military style cap icon using predominately gradients, blends, and the Gradient Mesh Tool. We’ll be using a photo reference to base this illustration on, though utilizing creative judgement throughout the process.

05. Vector coffee cup tutorial Illustrator

In this tutorial you will see how to make a realistic / vector coffee cup in Adobe Illustrator.

06. Create an envelope icon with a satin feel

In this tutorial you can learn how using the basic tools of illustrator, ie gradient, rectangle, pathfinder and line we can create a simple looking envelope. With changing the arrow icon you will have multiple defined icons.

07. How I Created Turqua: 3d Isometric Vector Icon Tutorial

This is a revised and detailed tutorial about the making of a 3d isometric vector icon with Illustrator.

08. Vector Darts on Bullseye

In this tutorial, you’ll see how to make an attractive darts illustration in Adobe Illustrator. You will learn how to draw basic shapes, modify them and apply gradients to crate the vector darts. Apply this technique to your marketing and advertising materials to illustrate precision and concepts.

09. Create a Simple Storefront Icon

In this tutorial you can learn how to create a simple storefront icon using some rectangles, Illustrator Effects, and gradients. This icon is great for use in e-commerce sites and the techniques in this tutorial can easily be applied to other icons, illustrations, and logos.

10. Vector printer tutorial Illustrator

Hello! Welcome to a new Logolitic tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a realistic vector printer in Adobe Illustrator.

11. How to Create a Golden, Vector Compass in Illustrator

In this tutorial author will take you through the steps and techniques of creating a golden compass. For this tutorial he has used just Adobe Illustrator and a heavy dose of ingenuity. Let’s get stared!

12. Create An Awesome Space Rocket Avatar in Illustrator

What? You still don’t have your own avatar? Remedy this situation immediately with this tutorial. We’ll draw a shiny, awesome-looking space rocket in Adobe Illustrator using advanced techniques such as gradient meshes, pattern brushes and opacity masks. We will then add a flare, smoke, clouds and sky to complete a fun illustration. Ready to launch?

13. Obama Logo Tutorial

No matter what you think of his politics, U.S. presidential cantidate Barack Obama has a pretty incredible marketing and design machine behind him. One strong example of this is his “O” logo. Simple, attractive, symbolic, it’s undeniably an effective logo.

14. Create a simple paint brush icon

Hi there. Here you can learn to create a quite simple paintbrush icon. For this fast tutorial you’ll use some basic tools like the Rectangle Tool, the Ellipse Tool or the Pen Tool. Then, for some neat effects you’ll need the Wrinkle Tool or the Warp and Rougher effects.

15. Create a Yummy Ice Cream Icon with Mesh Objects and Blends

In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to create a fun icon made up of mesh object and blends. This is a fairly easy tutorial, although you should be familiar with the mesh tool. Let’s get started!

16. Vector computer icon

I always wondering how to add realistic light effects on objects, how to make them more shiny.In this tutorial you will learn how to do this things! This is the PART I of the tutorial. Watch the video in HD mode for better quality.

17. Create a Neat Price Tag

In the tutorial we will see how to create a neat price tag. First, for the basic shape, the grid and the Snap to Grid will significantly ease your work. Then, for the rest of the illustration you’ll use the Pathfinder options, multiple gradients and strokes plus some basic effects and brushes.

18. Craft a Delicious Chinese Food Icon

This tutorial will demonstrate how to craft a delicious Chinese food icon set. This tutorial requires a generous command of Adobe Illustrator’s tools. Let’s dig into this yummy icon design tutorial, which includes numerous vector illustration techniques.

19. How to Draw a Vintage Typewriter Icon Inside Adobe Illustrator

Many of you probably remember those days when there was only one typing machine available for writers and business offices around the world, the classic typewriter. In our days we type everything we need on computers and there is no room left for these old and heavy devices.

20. Create The Renault Logo

In this tutorial you will see how to create the Renault logo. First, the grids and the snap to grid will help you create the basic shapes. Next, you’ll need some simple paths to divide these shapes. Finally, you will use some linear and radial gradient plus some basic effects.

21. How to Create a Quirky Twitter Bird in Corel Draw

Learn here how to create a this bird using a few techniques in Corel Draw. Successful completion of this tutorial requires an intermediate knowledge of Corel Draw. We think it’s easy as there is no need for Art school sketches that are usually needed in the first step. Let’s get started!

22. Create a Simple bomb Icon

Hi there. In this new tutorial you can see how to create a very simple bomb icon. You will only need the Ellipse Tool and the Rectangle Tool. Then you’ll be using Warp effects, simple strokes, various gradients, Offset Path and several effects to create the other components.

23. Create A Briefcase Icon

In this tutorial, You can see how to create a briefcase icon with rectangles, ellipses, and gradients. This briefcase icon is great for web designs and user interfaces. Moreover, you can easily apply these techniques to other icons, logos, and illustrations.

24. Create the Toyota Logo

Hi there. In this tutorial you can learn to create the Toyota logo. It is all about circles and the Pathfinder panel. You will have to create a series of circles of exact dimensions. Regarding that,the grid and the snap to grid option will ease your work.

25. Create a Tasty Burger Icon in Illustrator

In this delicious tutorial you can learn how to create a three-dimensional, scrumptious burger using Adobe Illustrator. Remember that I’m a vegetarian, so you should definitely appreciate the effort!

26. How to Design a Set of Multicolored Buddy Icons

In this Illustrator tutorial, you can learn how to create a set of multicolored buddy icons. This tutorial uses some basic shapes, gradients, Feather, and Illustrator’s powerful Live Color feature. These techniques are easily translated into other designs and illustrations.

27. Create a Classic Calendar Icon

Hi there. In the next tutorial you’ll learn to create a classic calendar icon. It’s a pretty simple and fast tutorial. You only need to know how to use the basic tools and some effects like the Inner Glow, the Drop Shadow, the Transform effect, the Rounded Corners effect or the Warp effect.

28. Create a Stylized GPS Icon

Location based software and peripherals are very popular these days. So, In this beginner/intermediate Illustrator tutorial, I will show you how to create a stylized GPS icon using simple shapes and gradients. Using these basic techniques, you can easily create other icons, logos, and illustrations.

29. How to Make a Delicious Vector Orange in 9 Decisive Steps

Learn how to create a semi-realistic vector orange with simple shapes, tools, and multiple effects. This tutorial is possible for a beginner to complete, though is aimed at an intermediate Illustrator user. Let’s get started.

30. Designing a New Icon In Illustrator

Following our free social icon giveaway, as promised, here is a tutorial explaining how they were made in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll try to cover the basics and give you an idea how things are rendered, how they appear in smaller sizes and the constraints we can find when using Vector (Illustrator) instead of Pixel (Photoshop) based image software.

31. Create the Volkswagen Logo

Hi there. In the following tutorial you will learn to create the Volkswagen logo. You’ll only need some simple circles, gradients, strokes and some basic effects. You might face some problems with the letter shapes but the grid and the snap to grid will simplify your work.

32. Logo Design Process and Walkthrough for Vivid Ways

I recently finished up a project with Scott McIntyre of Vivid Ways and Jon Phillip of Spyre Studios. My part in the project was to work on a new logo design for the Vivid Ways website and brand. Here’s my design process and a walkthrough of how the final logo is created in Adobe Illustrator.

33. Create a Vector Film Slate Icon

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a vector film slate icon. The tutorial uses some basic shapes, some gradients, and even a blend. Moreover, you can easily customize this tutorial with your own logo or typography.

34. Create Documents Icon

Hi there. Im the next tutorial you’ll learn to create a pretty common icon. To reach this result you need to know how to use the Rectangle Tool, the Pen Tool or the Type Tool. The Drop Shadow, the Warp effects or the Clliping Mask will help you create some discrete details.

35. Create a Detailed Camera with Photo Icon

This tutorial will show the intermediate Adobe Illustrator artist how to make a sleek web 2.0 style icon. You should have a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator tools before you begin this tutorial, as the tutorial moves at a rapid pace.

36. Windows 7 Icon In Illustrator Tutorial

Hello. In this tutorial we will use Adobe Illustrator CS4 to create the music icon of the Windows 7 style.

37. Create a Simple Paperclip Icon

Hi there. This is a really fast tutorial. In only seven steps you’ll learn to make a paperclip icon. You will only need the Rounded Rectangle Tool, the Direct Selection Tool and the Gradient Tool. Also you might learn some basic stuff about working with grids and strokes.

38. Create a Vector Lock Icon Design

In the following tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a lock icon with some effects, opacity masks, gradients, and simple shapes in Illustrator. Many of these techniques can be applied easily to other icon designs.

39. Create a Yummy Vector Cupcake

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create yummy cupcake using adobe illustrator.

40. How to Create Shiny, Vector Dice in Illustrator

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a set of vector dice using Adobe Illustrator and the Gradient Mesh Tool. The Gradient Mesh Tool can be tricky to get the hang of, but hopefully this tutorial will shed some light on this great little tool. Let’s get stared!

41. Create the Audi Logo

Hi there. In the following tutorial you can learn to create the Audi logo. It is mainly about circles, strokes and the Pathfinder pallete. It’s a pretty simple and fast tutorial but you might find some interesting stuff about working with these classic tools.

42. Translucent IM Style Illustrator Icon Tutorial

The shiny and glossy image of ‘Web 2.0’ is right at home when it comes to icons. Follow this Adobe Illustrator tutorial to create a scalable vector Instant Messaging style icon with the impression of a glossy and semi-translucent surface.

43. Create a Les Paul Guitar in Illustrator

In this tutorial you can learn how to create a Les Paul Electric Guitar Vector Image in Adobe Illustrator. This is a really in depth Tutorial which was cater for the needs of people who are not confident in Illustrator.

44. How to Create an Hourglass Icon in About an Hour

With simple shapes, gradients, and vector textures, this simple tutorial will show beginning illustrators how to create an hourglass icon. There is a whole lot you can do without the Pen Tool. We’ll be using Illustrator CS4 for this tutorial, but those of you with older version should be able to follow along as well. Let’s get started!

45. Create a Cute Panda Bear Face Icon

In the following easy tutorial, you’ll see how to create a cute panda bear face icon all from ellipses (well, actually there is one rectangle for the background). The great part about this tutorial, is that you can easily apply the techniques to other icons, illustrations, logos, or other projects.

46. Create A Nautical Buoy

In this easy tutorial you can learn how to create Nautical Buoy in Illustrator.

47. Create a Laptop icon

Hi there. In the following tutorial you can learn to create a laptop icon. Once you’ve created the basic shapes, it’s easy to continue with the other components. Give it a try and you might learn some interesting stuff about the role of Smart Guides and Rectangular Grid Tool.

48. How to Create a Stylish Cubism Inspirired Logo

Due to its accessibility, Cubism, an art movement founded by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, is making its way to our artworks, allowing us to create stylish logos that have a specific visual pleasure in no time. This is a simple, pen-drawing, Illustrator tutorial with just a touch of Photoshop.

49. Create a Vintage TV Set Icon in Illustrator

The author of this tutorial have been living without a TV set for exactly three years and 8 months now. It’s great and he don’t miss a thing. Don’t get him wrong. He loved every awful program, every commercial, every useless newscast, but it was time for him to get on with his life. Like many other people, though, He also love vintage appliances and cherish the memories associated with the old TV set they had when he was a kid. To celebrate that he decided to create a fun little icon in Adobe Illustrator.

50. How to Create an Open Book with Illustrator’s 3D Extrude & Bevel Tool

In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to create an open book mostly with Illustrator’s 3D Extrude & Bevel Tool. We’ll create open pages with graphics and add a wavy background. The book can be customized by applying your own graphics to the pages.

51. Creating a crazy cool logo

In this post we will learn how we created the logo. Author will skip the drawing parts, yes there were tons of drawings before going to the computer, because when they stole his computer and backups in 2006 they took all my photos of the drawings.

52. Vector bacterial logo tutorial in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a very high quality logo ( vector ) in Adobe Illustrator. We’re talking about a dirty, spongy, shaggy bacterial. it`s an easy tutorial to learn you how to design a logo in Adobe Illustrator, which is the best program for logo designs, because you create very high quality, ready to print designs.

53. Create the BMW Logo

Here in this tutorial you can learn to create the BMW logo. It’s one of the simplest logo tutorials so far. You’ll start with some basic tools and simple shapes. Then, with the Pathfinder options and some Warp effect you’ll get the desired shapes. Finally, you’ll need several gradients, strokes and some simple effects.

54. Geometric Flower Effect Logo in Illustrator

This is an Illustrator tutorial that explains how author made this nice logo for one of his clients in Czech Republic. Feel free to use it as inspiration, but please do not copy it in any form. All copyrights belong to the owner. Last but not least, please excuse Czech language appearing in the dialog boxes on pictures; author use a localized version of illustrator.

55. Creating a Toaster-Popping Illustration

With this tutorial, learn how to apply some effects not often used in Illustrator, like the Chrome effect, which is used to create metallic look with a realistic aspect. Also, notable in this tutorial is the use of Texturizer to create toast texture. We will also use 3D effect and the Mesh tool, which bring depth to the this illustration.

56. How to Turn Glasses into a Great Geek Icon

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a cool, or should we say geeky, glasses icon. You should be versed in Adobe Illustrator’s tools to complete this tutorial. You’ll learn how to take creative license and create an illustration that uses a photo reference, but differs a bit in the final design.

57. Create a Metallic Star in Illustrator

This tutorial will show a technique to create a segmented star that, when gradient fills are applied, takes on a basic metallic appearance. A future tutorial will take these same techniques and elaborate on them to create a more realistic looking star… if you think that’s possible.

58. Abduzeedo 2010 Logo Design

In this tutorial/case study you will see how author created the symbol and what the inspiration behind it was. We will use Adobe Illustrator for the tutorial.

59. Design a Stylish Wallet Icon

In this simple tutorial you will see how to create the wallet icon from my Women’s Icons using Adobe Illustrator CS4.

60. Create a Stylized First Aid Icon

In this tutorial we’ll use a combination of craft and Illustrator’s 3D tools to create a first aid icon. You can use the techniques you learn in this tutorial to create realistic rounded box icons of your choice. This works well for complex icons at large sizes and scales down nicely.

Find Something Missing?

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that we missed some other great Tutorials. Feel free to share it with us.