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Berikut adalah artikel atau berita tentang Harian untung99play.xyz dengan judul untung99play.xyz: CSS Tutorial Full Course for Beginners yang telah tayang di untung99play.xyz terimakasih telah menyimak. Bila ada masukan atau komplain mengenai artikel berikut silahkan hubungi email kami di koresponden@untung99play.xyz, Terimakasih.

Luciana Hanan

Frontend Web Developer | Systems Analyst | Freelancer | English C1 | Open to Learn

10 bln

the best teacher in the world

Waris Hussain

CSE undergrad VIT ’25 | 5⭐ in Cpp at HackerRank | web | Fast Typing | coding&problemSolving_enthusiast

10 bln

Starting over after a long time, I recently completed watching HTML and CSS playlists from your channel and the course is very well oriented. I learned a lot. The tools and resources you provide is very helpful. Thank you for the free content.

Thanks for your wonderful work Dave. I learnt HTML from your videos. Thanks a lot 😊❤️

Jason Armenta

Full Stack Software Engineer at LP Technologies

10 bln

I’ve been slowly working through both the HTML and CSS course on your channel, and it’s so helpful!

Ian Gray

Front-end Development | JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, Vue, Angular, Node.js, MongoDB, Express | Responsive Web Design | Full Stack Development | ianzgray.netlify.com

10 bln

His tutorials are the best. I learned a LOT from him.

Apala G.

Reactjs Developer | aspiring Full stack developer | HTML | CSS | Javascript |

10 bln

The most detailed and simplified CSS tutorial available on YT! ✨ Thank you for being there!

Luciana Hanan

Frontend Web Developer | Systems Analyst | Freelancer | English C1 | Open to Learn

10 bln

have you also tried Scrimba? their platform is amazing too!

Sheldon Osotsi

Senior Dev at Hai Interactive | Tech Community Builder | Philosophy | Writer.

10 bln

Hey Dave, i took your begginer nodejs course on YouTube. It got me started on backend with nodejs. Do you any material or useful links that can help me go further with learning nodejs and mongo.

Dave has a unique style among the others that forces your brain to keep thinking for a while after the end of each one of his video.

This is up next for me. Working on coding a resume in HTML & I’m going through the HTML course now. Should finish tomorrow.

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