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I now assume that you know the absolute Basics… So it’s time to go over some of the bindings!

Moving Around

Here are some basic bindings for moving around.

Left → h

Right → l

Up → k

Down → j

I used KeyCastr so you can see the key strokes as I vim

Jump forward to the Start of the word → w

Jump forward to the End of the word → e

Jump backward to the Start of the word → b

Jump to the Start of Line → 0 (zero)

Jump to the first character of the Line → ^

Jump to the End of the Line → $

Append to the Start of the Line → I

Append to the End of the Line → A

Jump to next Block of code → }

Jump to previous Block of code → {

Next instance of the current word → *

Previous instance of the current word → #

First line of the file → gg

Last line of the file → G

Top of the screen → H

Middle of the screen → M

Bottom of the screen → L

Half page down → Ctrl+d

Half page up → Ctrl+u

Page up → Ctrl+b

Page down → Ctrl+f

There are certainly more commands for moving around, you can find them here…


Replace single character → r

Change entire line → cc

Change word (onwards from cursor) → cw

Went a little crazy there…

Change entire word → ciw

Change till end of line → c$

Repeat last action → .

You get the idea…

Change case → ~

Change till next character e.g. ‘i’ → cti

Change till next character e.g. ‘i’ (inclusive) → cfi


Paste → p

Paste before the cursor → P

Copy entire line → yy

Copy a word → yiw

Cut entire line → dd

Cut a word → diw

Vim stores the copy/cut history in its Register that you can access via :reg command… You select the register with prefix “ and simply paste

Search and Replace

Search for pattern → /pattern

Search backwards for pattern → ?pattern

Repeat search in the same direction → n

Repeat search in the opposite direction → N

Replace all old patterns with new → %s/oldPattern/newPattern/g

Replace ‘mPaint’ with ‘mNewPaint’

Replace old patterns with new (ask) → %s/oldPattern/newPattern/gc

Selecting Text

Visual Mode → v

(While in selection mode, all ‘Moving Around’ commands work)


A very powerful feature of vim, which focuses on Repeatability!

You simply Start recording a macro, do edits, and end recording. The macro gets saved and you get to repeat the macro anytime you want.

Macros are stored to registers, from a to z…

You can access a register with prefix @

Recording a macro in d register :

Note: I mapped Esc to Ctrl+c on my Keyboard because it’s easier to reach

When I press ‘qd’ — status bar changes to ‘VIM — recording’

Playing the macro through ‘@d’

Cool! *_*

You can view the macros by viewing registers via :reg

The d register represents the macro

Now we have just scratched the surface for now… But I hope it’s been a good starting point for you (and I) to further explore Vim and other cool productivity plugins that IntelliJ/AndroidStudio has to offer…

Oh snap!

Almost forgot about the AceJump plugin!

Well here it is → You simply press Ctrl+; and then enter a character, AceJump highlights all the instances of that character with ShortCut keys. And by pressing the ShortCut key → You cursor moves to that position! :’)

AceJump in action :

First I search for ‘P’ and then ‘c’

Ok… So this is pretty much it for now… Hope the article was somewhat useful! If I come across more cool things to add this article, I will… In the meantime… Happy Coding!

Some cool resources:

Vim CheatSheets : one and two

An awesome intro to Vim