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Extend the F and H up.

We’ll start with extending the F and H. Select the
Node Tool

And click on the letters to select the text path.

The text is now surrounded by a series of small
diamonds. These are the nodes of the
path. They define places where the path changes direction
or curvature. The path is edited by manipulating these nodes.

At this point, it is easier if you zoom in on the
drawing. There are multiple ways to zoom. Using the
Ctrl key with the scroll wheel of a scrolling
mouse is one way. The drawing will zoom around the cursor
position. Another way is to use the + or
= keys. In this case, the zoom is around the
center of the viewable canvas. The scroll bars can be used to
pan the drawing (i.e., change the viewable region).

Ready to extend the F and H. You can see the diamond-shaped nodes.

To select a node, click on it with the Node Tool.
Holding the Shift key down
allows nodes to be added (or removed) from the selection. One
can also use a rubber-band selection
technique to select multiple nodes at one time. To do this,
click-drag from one point to another. All nodes within the box
defined by the starting and stopping points will be
selected. The click-drag must not begin on a node. The
selected nodes will change from gray to blue and yellow when

Select the top nodes of the F and of both sides of the
H. A total of seven nodes are selected in this example
(there are two on top of each other at the upper-right corner
of the F). If you have chosen a different font you may have
to select a different number.

Now click-drag on any of the selected nodes upward, holding the
Ctrl key down to constrain the direction of the
drag to vertical. Drag until all the selected nodes are above the
outline of the mountain.

After the F and H have been extended.

One problem that is immediately
apparent is that the extended parts hide part of the bitmap
image. This problem can be alleviated by temporarily removing
the Fill of the text objects.

To do this, click on the red x at the left end of the

If the text is no longer visible, you will need to make the
Stroke visible. Click on one of the colors in the
Palette with the Shift held down.