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untung99play.xyz: 10 Best Premiere Pro Tutorials for Beginners Easy to Learn

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May 16, 2023• Proven solutions

The most difficult thing about learning to use software like Premiere Pro is where to start and knowing the best place to learn and apply. If you are a beginner, even the basic video editing in Premiere Pro becomes a bit confusing to learn.

There are many pdf and tutorials available that show you how to edit video with Premiere Pro. But, there are only a few that can help you in learning to use the software. In this article, you will learn 10 best Premiere Pro tutorials for beginners.

The Premiere Pro is comparatively easy to navigate than its competitors. The first thing that you have to consider and deal with is the interface. After opening the Premiere Pro, you come across various panels and editing options that can be customized to make it simple and convenient for you.

In order to make the interface layout cleaner, click on the Window right at the top > Workspace > Editing Workspace. This helps to remove the panel on the right.

To remove the tabs at the left down corner panel, click on the Project tab of the window and drag it just to the side of the monitor. You can adjust the panel and resize it from the side and make it smaller.

Then, you can see the fixed panel and drag it to the bottom of the project window. You can also close each tab on the Panel by clicking on Close Window. Now, you get the project section on the left side, program window, source window, timeline, sequence, tools, and effects.

Your Project Window will have all videos, images, sound effects, etc. From Project section you can select files and it will open up in the source window. The program window shows the final output. On the timeline, you can cut, add effects, music, and do more.

Do you know how to import video to Premiere Pro? It is very important to organize all your media as file management is highly crucial. All the media must be organized in a folder with proper names like music files must be saved in the music folder.

Being able to categorize the genre of music would be great. The more specific you are about the file, the simpler it becomes to work. You can select, drag, and drop the folder in the project section. To import, right-click anywhere on the project section, click on import, and you get to browse the files.

You may select the file one by one and keep clicking import after each selection or drag the folder. Another way is to click on the file and select import and then choose a file. For MAC users, press #+I to import and for Window users, press CTRL+I. Open the media browser window, click on the hard drive to go to the entire folder or select a single audio file.

At the beginning, the timeline is blank. Go to one of the folders to drag the file to the sequence or timeline panel. When you drag the clip to the timeline, in the preview you can see the frame rate and resolution of the clip changes to timeline settings. You can also nest videos in timeline.

If you want a separate timeline, you can drag the preview to the + symbol below and you get a new timeline. You can also go up to the File tab at the top, click New and then, Sequence. You can also select the type of sequence you want by clicking on New Sequence like if you work on DSLR, you can select the supporting formats for it and so on.

In this Premiere Pro tutorial, you can learn how to edit video with audio. If the audio in your video is not that great, you can edit it in Premiere Pro. You can record the audio in a separate file to sync it with your video later.

Firstly, drag and drop the audio file to the Premiere Pro timeline. Now, grab the end of the audio, zoom in, highlight, and match your video. To normalize the echo or improve the sound, you can go to audio workflow in Premiere Pro and click the audio channel you are working on to make the changes and enhance the sound quality.

In order to correct the color in a video or image, you need to be on the color workspace in Premiere Pro. Go to Window > Workspaces > Color. Lumetry color panel is available from CC 2015 and up.

You can read the color graphs in a video on the left side of the screen. By right-clicking beside the color graph, you can find many other options too. On the right side, you can find the lumetrical panel and select any preset from the 6 different settings if you want advanced color correction.

For basic correction of color, you can just adjust the temperature, brightness, contrast, sharpness, exposure from the color correction option.

With Premiere Pro updated CC 2017, you can find the new essential graphics panel. In this new version, there’s no title option, still, you may hit Sequence or Ctrl+T to make a new title. Go to Window and select Essential Graphic Panel.

You can find several pre-made built-in templates, motion graphic templates, and after-effects that can be used to customize your video. In order to choose the in-built template, create a sequence in the project panel, select the template from the central graphics panel, and drag and drop it into the sequence.

If you want to do something different, then learn from the Premiere Pro tutorials and ace the software. Title animation is something which can make your video look amazing. So, how to write beautiful text on your video?

Link a nice font site to your project, go to Project, create a new title, and create a new text box on the clip of the video, add your text, and finally, change the font. You can increase or decrease the text size, change text color, and make other changes as per your liking.

For adding an animation effect, you need to create another transparent video on the timeline, go to Effects Control on the left, increase the brush size, change stroke length, click toggle animation, and trace the brush over the text. You can also use Filmora to animate title if you thinks Premiere Pro is difficult to learn.

When you have put all the clips together and you are done with your editing, select the sequence that you wish to edit on the timeline. Go to File tab at the top and select Export and then Media. For Mac users, its Command M.

Click Export Setting Window, on the left you can see the preview. You can either export a few clips or the complete video. You can press I and O to select the starting and ending point you wish to export. Choose the format you wish to export the video or clips and share it on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, IG, etc.

The keyboard can speed up your workflow. Drag your clip into the timeline, use the plus and minus keys to zoom in and zoom out the clip. Use L key to go forward, hold shift to go backward, use up and down keys to quickly move forward and backward, and so on. Navigate your keyboard and make your work process easier and faster. You can also find ?more infomation about keyborad.

Select your clip on the timeline; use T (text tool) to add text into the video, use effects control panel, sharpen the clip, use overlay, blend mode, etc. to make the text stand out. You can use keyframes to enhance the video clip.

There are various icons within the Premiere Pro screen that can help you to easily make small changes that can make your video stand out. You just need to use these tips and tricks and make a video that gets noticed by all.


Choose the right Premiere Pro tutorials and make a professional quality video easily. Editing and enhancing your video becomes easier with this software if you know the right tactics.